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Construction documents

Construction documents Drafting, Home Building Permits and more.

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San Diego Architect Construction Documents

After we work together through the Concept Design and Design Development steps, I will prepare complete and thorough construction documents which will be used to obtain your Building Permit, for the Competitive Bid Process, and for construction. If you are a contractor who needs my services, you will not need competitive bids, but you will still appreciate the quality of my drawings which will help you to build the project right the first time, with a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The construction documents shown here give you an example of the quality and completeness of my work. I have a reputation for drawings which are thorough and complete. Drawings prepared this way can be more accurately bid by Construction Contractors, and have far fewer change orders during construction than drawings which are "thin", "hurried", "sloppy", or "incomplete". By providing you with quality construction documents which clearly shown detailed interior and exterior finish choices, you will be able to have your project bid with confidence, and be provided with a quality project for the construction cost you expected.

By having quality construction documents that incorporate a beautiful design with construction efficiency, you will know that your construction dollars have been put to good use. Because of my complete construction document detailing, you will know that what looks good on paper will follow through in the field. In this way, you will save on construction costs, obtain a beautiful finished product, and your ultimate property value will be significantly higher.

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