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Competitive Bids

The process of Competitive Bids for Architectural Floor Plans Building Permits, Custom Floor Plans, Custom House Plans, Drafting Design.

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San Diego Architect Competitive Bids

After we work together through the Concept Design and Design Development steps, I will prepare complete and thorough construction documents which will be used to obtain your Building Permit, for the Competitive Bid Process, and for construction. If you are a contractor who needs my services, you will not need competitive bids, but you will still appreciate the quality of my drawings which will help you to build the project right the first time, with a higher level of customer satisfaction.

If you are a Contractor, my drawings will be prepared exclusively on your behalf, and I can work with you to customize the construction details to satisfy your preferences. I will work closely with your client to make sure they are very pleased with my architectural services, and that you are kept in the loop with progress drawings, schedule, and client expectations. I am a team player, and will work with you closely to make sure your project is successful.

If you are a Home Owner and need to find a good contractor, you will want me to assist you with the Competitive Bid Process. While the Construction Documents are being reviewed by the Planning Department and Building Department, I can help you with this process. This is the process where your plans are distributed to several contractors who review and prepare a detailed and itemized construction cost bid for your review. I know several good Contractors who I have worked with over the years, and who have built projects which I have drawn. In today's economy the Home Owner has an opportunity to save on construction costs, and the competitive bid process can help you do just that. When each of the bidding contractors has had the opportunity to walk through your home and review the construction documents, they will provide you with an itemized breakdown of proposed construction costs, called the "bid". These costs can vary widely, and I will help you to review the detailed bid, review the "allowances", and to help you find the highest quality contractor with the lowest proposed construction cost. This process can help you to save tens of thousands of dollars on construction. When we meet, I will be glad to sit down with you and explain this process more thoroughly.

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